February 4, 2015


High purity quartz / Ultra pure quartz

Our main product is High Purity Quartz (High Purity Silicon Dioxide, SiO2, Silica):

  • 5N 99.999%
  • 6N 99.9999%

High purity quartz (HPQ), or Ultra Pure Quartz, is used in solar / PV industry, semiconductors, optical fibre, telecommunications, crucibles production, etc.

We are in process of building the 1st in Vietnam HPQ production plant, investors are welcome.

Other quartz products

We are also in position to supply mineral quartz of different grades, including high purity quartz lumps with purity over 99.8%, quartz grits 0.3-6 mm, quartz powder 100, 200, 300 mesh, etc., low-EC quartz (low electric conductivity), glassy / semi-glassy / milky quartz lumps, etc.